Schools Departments

Schools Departments

Schools / Departments

Department and Specialities


1. Department of Chinese Language and Literature

    Chinese Language and Literature


    Radio and Television Journalism


    Chinese Education

2. Department of Foreign Languages and Literature    

    English Language

3. Department of Arts

    Fine Arts

    Fine Arts and Design

    Music and Performance


    Fine Arts---Painting and Calligraphy of China

    Fine Arts and Design----(2+2 Training Program to Cooperate with Hanseo University South Korea)

4. Department of Pedagogy

    Pedagogy and Technology

    Applied Psychology

    Primary Education

5. Department of History and Tourism Culture


    Tourism Management

6. Department of Economics and Law

    International Trade and Economy


7. Department of Management

    Public Affair Administration


8. Department of Physical Education

    Physical Education

    Social Physical Education

9. Department of Computer Science and Technology

    Computer Science and Technology 

    Computer Science and Technology Appilied Science

    Electric Commerce

10. Department of Mathematics

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

11. Department of Physics


      Electronics Information Engineering

      Electrical Engineering and Automation  

      Electronics Science and Technology


      Physics Education

12. Department of Chemistry

   Inorganic-non-metal-material Engineering

    Chemical Engineering and Technology

    Applied Chemistry

    Chemistry Education


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